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Crazy Catch Upstart

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Get a head start in cricket with the upstart classic. One net, two totally different sides! 

  • Unrivalled quality parts and the ultimate in high tension netting, year after year
  • Fast fully tracked delivery 
  • Adjustable rebound angles for amazing training variety
  • Portable, lightweight, but totally sturdy with grip feet
  • In clouds our Crazy Catch customer satisfaction garuntee and warranty
  • Comes fully assembled and stores flat in the carry bag provided for easy storage 
  • Unique sane and insane rebounds with small balls
Crazy Catch is a great way to learn and improve throwing and catching skills as well as a variety of batting and wicket keeping skills. Small netting on the front gives a consistent rebound so is great for building hand eye coordination though catching repetition. THEN flip over to the back for the double layered net which provides a totally INSANE rebound; challenging your reactions, agility and whole game which makes any drill much more fun!