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Crazy Catch

Crazy Catch Ultimate 10 Pack

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Train your eyes with the full range of Crazy Catch vision balls!

The ultimate vision 10 ball bundle contains:

  • 2 orange vision balls
  • 2 green vision balls
  • 2 yellow vision balls
  • 2 red vision balls 
  • 2 flashing vision balls
  • Black net drawstring bag 

Crazy Catch have developed Crazy Catch Vision Balls to train your eyes to jump to the final point in a ball’s flight path. Vision Balls have colored shapes on the ball to help focus the eyes and hone fast-tracking catching skills. Eye training is just as important for pupils learning to catch as for elite athletes looking for those marginal 5% gains in their performances.

Why train with vision balls?

Did you know 80%-90% of decisions made in sport are based upon visual information?? Everyone has six muscles in each eye that can be trained to improve speed, movement and flexibility and when players see more they can assess the situation so much quicker and make better decisions, and that applies to all sports. Crazy Catch Vision Balls are great tools to develop your vision which is the ability to identify, interpret and understand what is seen … Benefits include 

  • Excellent small balls to learn to throw and catch
  • Soft, safe, great grip and incredibly durable
  • If you want to set a one minute challenge then this is the ball you need to make it official!
  • Fun and perfect for use family use at home with a Crazy Catch
  • Great for schools, sports clubs and high performance coaches
  • Have coloured shapes printed to hone all elements your vision and therefore sporting performance
  • Includes the new flashing glow ball for training in the dark to heighten your reactions and for amazing family fun!