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Crazy Catch

Crazy Catch Freestyle

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The Crazy Catch Freestyle takes cricket reaction and reflex training to a whole new level of flexibility, portability and fun! With our top-quality handheld rebound net you can change the pace and direction of the rebound to suit players of all age and ability from beginners right up to international teams and professional cricketers. With the Freestyle the power is in the hands of the holder!

  • Hone your skills at short leg, silly point, in the slips, high catches and for wicket keepers
  • Suitable for use with all cricket balls including leather cricket balls
  • Ideal for indoor or outdoor use, easy to carry to the park, beach or for fun at home in the garden
  • Perfect for 1 on 1 or group training activities
  • Create great fun multi-player warm up games and advanced cricket training drills for batters, bowlers and fielders.
With the patented dual layer net for unpredictable ball return, heavy duty frame, the smaller frame size and two handles for the trainer to hang on to, the Crazy Catch Freestyle offers rebound training versatility like no other device. Help the ball into the catching zone of beginners or punch the rebound up, down, towards more elite cricketers to really test their sporting skills.